How To Mix Watercolors

Find Watercolor Substitute Color Mixes

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Collapse Watercolor BrandsWatercolor Brands
Expand American Journey IridescentAmerican Journey Iridescent
Expand American Journey ProfessionalAmerican Journey Professional
Expand Aquafine StudentAquafine Student
Expand Art Kure OpaqueArt Kure Opaque
Expand Art Spectrum ArtistsArt Spectrum Artists
Expand ArtCreation Expression 12 SetArtCreation Expression 12 Set
Expand ArtCreation Expression 24 SetArtCreation Expression 24 Set
Expand ArtCreation Expression 8 SetArtCreation Expression 8 Set
Expand Artista Semi-MoistArtista Semi-Moist
Expand Artists ColorsArtists Colors
Expand Artists LiquidArtists Liquid
Expand Binney and Smith Crayola 12 SetBinney and Smith Crayola 12 Set
Expand Binney and Smith Crayola 6 SetBinney and Smith Crayola 6 Set
Expand Binney and Smith Crayola 8 SetBinney and Smith Crayola 8 Set
Expand Block X AquarelleBlock X Aquarelle
Expand Camel Artist WatercolourCamel Artist Watercolour
Expand Caran Dache MuseumCaran Dache Museum
Expand Colorations  WashableColorations Washable
Expand Cotman ArtistCotman Artist
Expand Da Vinci ArtistsDa Vinci Artists
Expand Daler Rowney ArtistsDaler Rowney Artists
Expand Daniel Smith DuochromeDaniel Smith Duochrome
Expand Daniel Smith Extra FineDaniel Smith Extra Fine
Expand Daniel Smith Extra Fine SticksDaniel Smith Extra Fine Sticks
Expand Daniel Smith InterferenceDaniel Smith Interference
Expand Daniel Smith IridescentDaniel Smith Iridescent
Expand Daniel Smith PearlescentDaniel Smith Pearlescent
Expand Daniel Smith PrimatekDaniel Smith Primatek
Expand Derwent ArtistDerwent Artist
Expand Dr Ph Martins HydrusDr Ph Martins Hydrus
Expand Dr Ph Martins IridescentDr Ph Martins Iridescent
Expand Dr Ph Martins RadiantDr Ph Martins Radiant
Expand Dr Ph Martins SynchromaticDr Ph Martins Synchromatic
Expand Duva ErasableDuva Erasable
Expand Faber Castell Albrecht DurerFaber Castell Albrecht Durer
Expand Fragonard PebeoFragonard Pebeo
Expand Francheville ArtistFrancheville Artist
Expand Francheville TravelFrancheville Travel
Expand Grumbacher AcademyGrumbacher Academy
Expand Grumbacher Finest ArtistsGrumbacher Finest Artists
Expand Grumbacher Opaque SetGrumbacher Opaque Set
Expand Grumbacher Transparent SetGrumbacher Transparent Set
Expand Holbein ArtistsHolbein Artists
Expand Holbein Irodori AntiqueHolbein Irodori Antique
Expand Joe Miller SignatureJoe Miller Signature
Expand Koh-I-Noor ArtistKoh-I-Noor Artist
Expand Lascaux AquacrylLascaux Aquacryl
Expand Lascaux SiriusLascaux Sirius
Expand Liquid Metal MetallicLiquid Metal Metallic
Expand Loew Cornell ArtistLoew Cornell Artist
Expand Lukas Aquarell 1862Lukas Aquarell 1862
Expand Lukas Aquarell StudioLukas Aquarell Studio
Expand M Graham ArtistsM Graham Artists
Expand Maimeri BluMaimeri Blu
Expand Maimeri VeneziaMaimeri Venezia
Expand Maries Artist SetMaries Artist Set
Expand Maries StudentMaries Student
Expand MIR Extra FineMIR Extra Fine
Expand Morocolor OpaqueMorocolor Opaque
Expand Niji BeginnersNiji Beginners
Expand Niji PearlescentNiji Pearlescent
Expand Old Holland ClassicOld Holland Classic
Expand Pebeo FragonardPebeo Fragonard
Expand Pelikan K24 SetPelikan K24 Set
Expand Pelikan OpaquePelikan Opaque
Expand Pelikan Opaque Pan SetPelikan Opaque Pan Set
Expand Pelikan Pro Color 12 SetPelikan Pro Color 12 Set
Expand Pelikan Pro Color 24 SetPelikan Pro Color 24 Set
Expand Prang Oval 8 SetPrang Oval 8 Set
Expand Prang Square 16 SetPrang Square 16 Set
Expand Prang Square 8 SetPrang Square 8 Set
Expand Prismacolor Artist 12 SetPrismacolor Artist 12 Set
Expand Prismacolor Artist 24 SetPrismacolor Artist 24 Set
Expand Prismacolor Artist 36 SetPrismacolor Artist 36 Set
Expand Reeves Professional 12 SetReeves Professional 12 Set
Expand Reeves Scholastic 12 SetReeves Scholastic 12 Set
Expand Rembrandt ArtistsRembrandt Artists
Expand Royal and Langnickel Deluxe SetRoyal and Langnickel Deluxe Set
Expand Sakura KoiSakura Koi
Expand Sargent Premium 8 SetSargent Premium 8 Set
Expand Sargent Scholastic 16 SetSargent Scholastic 16 Set
Expand Sargent Scholastic 8 SetSargent Scholastic 8 Set
Expand Sargent Washable 16 SetSargent Washable 16 Set
Expand Sargent Washable 8 SetSargent Washable 8 Set
Expand Schmincke Akademie AquarellSchmincke Akademie Aquarell
Expand Schmincke Horadam AquarellSchmincke Horadam Aquarell
Expand Sennelier AquarelleSennelier Aquarelle
Expand ShinHan KoreanShinHan Korean
Expand ShinHan PremiumShinHan Premium
Expand St Petersburg White Nights 24 SetSt Petersburg White Nights 24 Set
Expand St Petersburg White Nights Cardboard SetSt Petersburg White Nights Cardboard Set
Expand St Petersburg White Nights SetSt Petersburg White Nights Set
Expand St Petersburg White Nights Tube SetSt Petersburg White Nights Tube Set
Expand St Petersburg Whole PanSt Petersburg Whole Pan
Expand Stephen Quiller ProfessionalStephen Quiller Professional
Expand Susan Scheewe ArtistSusan Scheewe Artist
Expand Talens StudentTalens Student
Expand Utrecht ProfessionalUtrecht Professional
Expand Van Gogh ArtistVan Gogh Artist
Expand Venezia  MaimeriVenezia Maimeri
Expand Winsor and Newton ArtistsWinsor and Newton Artists
Expand Winsor and Newton CotmanWinsor and Newton Cotman
Expand Yarka St Petersburg ArtistsYarka St Petersburg Artists
Expand Yarka St Petersburg ProYarka St Petersburg Pro
Expand Yarka StudentYarka Student
Expand Yasutomo Sumi-EYasutomo Sumi-E

   Expand your paint brand to the left and then click the paint color that you need to find a substitute watercolor mix for.

Popular Watercolor Substitute Requests

Alizarin Crimson
Cerulean Blue
Quinacridone Gold
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Yellow
Prussian Blue
Raw Sienna

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