How To Mix Watercolors

Value Scale Chart

Prismacolor Artist 36 Set Paint

Watercolor value scale charts help you learn how to mix watercolors by showing you how much water to mix with your Prismacolor Artist 36 Set Paint color to get a desired color shade. By adding varying amounts of water you can achieve lighter shades of the same color.

You can view and print a watercolor mixing grid chart for Prismacolor Artist 36 Set Paint.

You can also create custom watercolor charts using just the colors in your paint palette.

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Value Scale Chart
Prismacolor Artist 36 Set Paint

French Grey
French GreyFrench GreyFrench GreyFrench GreyFrench Grey
Light Peach
Light PeachLight PeachLight PeachLight PeachLight Peach
Cool Grey
Cool GreyCool GreyCool GreyCool GreyCool Grey
Blush Pink
Blush PinkBlush PinkBlush PinkBlush PinkBlush Pink
Non Photo Blue
Non Photo BlueNon Photo BlueNon Photo BlueNon Photo BlueNon Photo Blue
Sunburst Yellow
Sunburst YellowSunburst YellowSunburst YellowSunburst YellowSunburst Yellow
Canary Yellow
Canary YellowCanary YellowCanary YellowCanary YellowCanary Yellow
Spanish Orange
Spanish OrangeSpanish OrangeSpanish OrangeSpanish OrangeSpanish Orange
Spring Green
Spring GreenSpring GreenSpring GreenSpring GreenSpring Green
Carmine Red
Carmine RedCarmine RedCarmine RedCarmine RedCarmine Red
Poppy Red
Poppy RedPoppy RedPoppy RedPoppy RedPoppy Red
True Blue
True BlueTrue BlueTrue BlueTrue BlueTrue Blue
Sienna Brown
Sienna BrownSienna BrownSienna BrownSienna BrownSienna Brown
Parrot Green
Parrot GreenParrot GreenParrot GreenParrot GreenParrot Green
Copenhagen Blue
Copenhagen BlueCopenhagen BlueCopenhagen BlueCopenhagen BlueCopenhagen Blue
True Green
True GreenTrue GreenTrue GreenTrue GreenTrue Green
Terra Cotta
Terra CottaTerra CottaTerra CottaTerra CottaTerra Cotta
Peacock Blue
Peacock BluePeacock BluePeacock BluePeacock BluePeacock Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine BlueUltramarine BlueUltramarine BlueUltramarine BlueUltramarine Blue
Olive Green
Olive GreenOlive GreenOlive GreenOlive GreenOlive Green
Crimson Red
Crimson RedCrimson RedCrimson RedCrimson RedCrimson Red
Dark Brown
Dark BrownDark BrownDark BrownDark BrownDark Brown
Dark Green
Dark GreenDark GreenDark GreenDark GreenDark Green
Grass Green
Grass GreenGrass GreenGrass GreenGrass GreenGrass Green
Violet Blue
Violet BlueViolet BlueViolet BlueViolet BlueViolet Blue
Indigo Blue
Indigo BlueIndigo BlueIndigo BlueIndigo BlueIndigo Blue
Dark Umber
Dark UmberDark UmberDark UmberDark UmberDark Umber

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