How To Mix Watercolors

Value Scale Chart

Pelikan Pro Color 24 Set Paint

Watercolor value scale charts help you learn how to mix watercolors by showing you how much water to mix with your Pelikan Pro Color 24 Set Paint color to get a desired color shade. By adding varying amounts of water you can achieve lighter shades of the same color.

You can view and print a watercolor mixing grid chart for Pelikan Pro Color 24 Set Paint.

You can also create custom watercolor charts using just the colors in your paint palette.

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Value Scale Chart
Pelikan Pro Color 24 Set Paint

Flesh Colour
Flesh ColourFlesh ColourFlesh ColourFlesh ColourFlesh Colour
Indian Yellow
Indian YellowIndian YellowIndian YellowIndian YellowIndian Yellow
Yellow Green
Yellow GreenYellow GreenYellow GreenYellow GreenYellow Green
Yellow Ochre
Yellow OchreYellow OchreYellow OchreYellow OchreYellow Ochre
Olive Green
Olive GreenOlive GreenOlive GreenOlive GreenOlive Green
Paynes Grey
Paynes GreyPaynes GreyPaynes GreyPaynes GreyPaynes Grey
Burnt Sienna
Burnt SiennaBurnt SiennaBurnt SiennaBurnt SiennaBurnt Sienna
Camine Red
Camine RedCamine RedCamine RedCamine RedCamine Red
Yellow Brown
Yellow BrownYellow BrownYellow BrownYellow BrownYellow Brown
French Green
French GreenFrench GreenFrench GreenFrench GreenFrench Green
Prussian Blue
Prussian BluePrussian BluePrussian BluePrussian BluePrussian Blue
Magenta Red
Magenta RedMagenta RedMagenta RedMagenta RedMagenta Red
Turquoise Blue
Turquoise BlueTurquoise BlueTurquoise BlueTurquoise BlueTurquoise Blue
Blue Green
Blue GreenBlue GreenBlue GreenBlue GreenBlue Green
Vermilion Dark
Vermilion DarkVermilion DarkVermilion DarkVermilion DarkVermilion Dark
Cobalt Blue
Cobalt BlueCobalt BlueCobalt BlueCobalt BlueCobalt Blue
Cyan Blue
Cyan BlueCyan BlueCyan BlueCyan BlueCyan Blue
Umber Nat
Umber NatUmber NatUmber NatUmber NatUmber Nat

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