How To Mix Watercolors

Value Scale Chart

Maries Artist Set Paint

Watercolor value scale charts help you learn how to mix watercolors by showing you how much water to mix with your Maries Artist Set Paint color to get a desired color shade. By adding varying amounts of water you can achieve lighter shades of the same color.

You can view and print a watercolor mixing grid chart for Maries Artist Set Paint.

You can also create custom watercolor charts using just the colors in your paint palette.

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Value Scale Chart
Maries Artist Set Paint

Lemon Yellow
Lemon YellowLemon YellowLemon YellowLemon YellowLemon Yellow
Orange Yellow
Orange YellowOrange YellowOrange YellowOrange YellowOrange Yellow
Cerulean Blue
Cerulean BlueCerulean BlueCerulean BlueCerulean BlueCerulean Blue
Yellow Ochre
Yellow OchreYellow OchreYellow OchreYellow OchreYellow Ochre
Green Light
Green LightGreen LightGreen LightGreen LightGreen Light
Burnt Umber
Burnt UmberBurnt UmberBurnt UmberBurnt UmberBurnt Umber
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine BlueUltramarine BlueUltramarine BlueUltramarine BlueUltramarine Blue
Prussian Blue
Prussian BluePrussian BluePrussian BluePrussian BluePrussian Blue
Burnt Sienna
Burnt SiennaBurnt SiennaBurnt SiennaBurnt SiennaBurnt Sienna
Crimson Red
Crimson RedCrimson RedCrimson RedCrimson RedCrimson Red
Sap Green
Sap GreenSap GreenSap GreenSap GreenSap Green
Green Deep
Green DeepGreen DeepGreen DeepGreen DeepGreen Deep
Lamp Black
Lamp BlackLamp BlackLamp BlackLamp BlackLamp Black

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