How To Mix Watercolors

Value Scale Chart

Derwent Artist Paint

Watercolor value scale charts help you learn how to mix watercolors by showing you how much water to mix with your Derwent Artist Paint color to get a desired color shade. By adding varying amounts of water you can achieve lighter shades of the same color.

You can view and print a watercolor mixing grid chart for Derwent Artist Paint.

You can also create custom watercolor charts using just the colors in your paint palette.

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Value Scale Chart
Derwent Artist Paint

Sky Blue
Sky BlueSky BlueSky BlueSky BlueSky Blue
Rose Pink
Rose PinkRose PinkRose PinkRose PinkRose Pink
Turquoise Green
Turquoise GreenTurquoise GreenTurquoise GreenTurquoise GreenTurquoise Green
Primrose Yellow
Primrose YellowPrimrose YellowPrimrose YellowPrimrose YellowPrimrose Yellow
Water Green
Water GreenWater GreenWater GreenWater GreenWater Green
Straw Yellow
Straw YellowStraw YellowStraw YellowStraw YellowStraw Yellow
Light Blue
Light BlueLight BlueLight BlueLight BlueLight Blue
Lemon Cadmium
Lemon CadmiumLemon CadmiumLemon CadmiumLemon CadmiumLemon Cadmium
Light Violet
Light VioletLight VioletLight VioletLight VioletLight Violet
Zinc Yellow
Zinc YellowZinc YellowZinc YellowZinc YellowZinc Yellow
Deep Cadmium
Deep CadmiumDeep CadmiumDeep CadmiumDeep CadmiumDeep Cadmium
Smalt Blue
Smalt BlueSmalt BlueSmalt BlueSmalt BlueSmalt Blue
Spectrum Blue
Spectrum BlueSpectrum BlueSpectrum BlueSpectrum BlueSpectrum Blue
Blue Violet Lake
Blue Violet LakeBlue Violet LakeBlue Violet LakeBlue Violet LakeBlue Violet Lake
Kingfisher Blue
Kingfisher BlueKingfisher BlueKingfisher BlueKingfisher BlueKingfisher Blue
Pink Maddar Lake
Pink Maddar LakePink Maddar LakePink Maddar LakePink Maddar LakePink Maddar Lake
Naples Yellow
Naples YellowNaples YellowNaples YellowNaples YellowNaples Yellow
Middle Chrome
Middle ChromeMiddle ChromeMiddle ChromeMiddle ChromeMiddle Chrome
May Green
May GreenMay GreenMay GreenMay GreenMay Green
Lade Green
Lade GreenLade GreenLade GreenLade GreenLade Green
Cobalt Blue
Cobalt BlueCobalt BlueCobalt BlueCobalt BlueCobalt Blue
Emerald Green
Emerald GreenEmerald GreenEmerald GreenEmerald GreenEmerald Green
Red Violet Lake
Red Violet LakeRed Violet LakeRed Violet LakeRed Violet LakeRed Violet Lake
Oriental Blue
Oriental BlueOriental BlueOriental BlueOriental BlueOriental Blue
Pale Vermillion
Pale VermillionPale VermillionPale VermillionPale VermillionPale Vermillion
Grass Green
Grass GreenGrass GreenGrass GreenGrass GreenGrass Green
Rose Madder Lake
Rose Madder LakeRose Madder LakeRose Madder LakeRose Madder LakeRose Madder Lake
Venetian Red
Venetian RedVenetian RedVenetian RedVenetian RedVenetian Red
Deep Chrome
Deep ChromeDeep ChromeDeep ChromeDeep ChromeDeep Chrome
Orange Chrome
Orange ChromeOrange ChromeOrange ChromeOrange ChromeOrange Chrome
Crimson Lake
Crimson LakeCrimson LakeCrimson LakeCrimson LakeCrimson Lake
Spectrum Orange
Spectrum OrangeSpectrum OrangeSpectrum OrangeSpectrum OrangeSpectrum Orange
Luniper Green
Luniper GreenLuniper GreenLuniper GreenLuniper GreenLuniper Green
Scarlet Lake
Scarlet LakeScarlet LakeScarlet LakeScarlet LakeScarlet Lake
Geranlum Lake
Geranlum LakeGeranlum LakeGeranlum LakeGeranlum LakeGeranlum Lake
Prussian Blue
Prussian BluePrussian BluePrussian BluePrussian BluePrussian Blue
Madder Carmine
Madder CarmineMadder CarmineMadder CarmineMadder CarmineMadder Carmine
Olive Green
Olive GreenOlive GreenOlive GreenOlive GreenOlive Green
Bottle Green
Bottle GreenBottle GreenBottle GreenBottle GreenBottle Green
Deep Vermillion
Deep VermillionDeep VermillionDeep VermillionDeep VermillionDeep Vermillion
Dark Violet
Dark VioletDark VioletDark VioletDark VioletDark Violet
Mineral Green
Mineral GreenMineral GreenMineral GreenMineral GreenMineral Green
Sap Green
Sap GreenSap GreenSap GreenSap GreenSap Green
Delft Blue
Delft BlueDelft BlueDelft BlueDelft BlueDelft Blue
Cedar Green
Cedar GreenCedar GreenCedar GreenCedar GreenCedar Green
Ivory Black
Ivory BlackIvory BlackIvory BlackIvory BlackIvory Black
Burnt Umber
Burnt UmberBurnt UmberBurnt UmberBurnt UmberBurnt Umber

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