How To Mix Watercolors

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Free online tools to help you learn how to mix watercolors for your art project!

Match a Color From Your Reference Photo

Have you ever been stuck trying to mix a color that matches your reference photo? Use our free online tool to find the perfect color mix!

It's easy!
  • Choose the colors in your paint palette.
  • Upload your reference photo.
  • Click on the image to select a color that you are trying to match.
  • Add each color mix to your online watercolor art project.
  • Print your art project, which includes:
    • Your reference photo with numbered locations of each color point.
    • Color mixes including paints, amount of water and mix description.
  • It's Free! No signup required.

How to mix watetercolor paints to find a desired color

How To Paint Seascapes In Watercolor

Learn how to mix watercolors to match the colors in a seascape. Find out which watercolors to mix for crashing waves, ocean colors, sea foam, beach and wet sand along the shoreline.

Learn about:
  1. The anatomy of the waves in an ocean
  2. Colors in the ocean
  3. Observing the lighting
  4. Composition
  5. Mixing your colors to match the ocean
  6. Painting sand with watercolor along the shoreline

How To Paint Seascapes In Watercolor

How To Make Skin Color With Watercolor

Learn how to make skin color with watercolor. Find out which colors to mix in order to match skin tones.

Learn how to:
  1. Observe the lighting on the skin
  2. Mix your colors to match skin tones
  3. Mix for darker complexions

How To Make Skin Color With Watercolors

Custom Watercolor Charts

Don't have the time to make your own watercolor charts? View and print custom watercolor charts using the colors in your watercolor paint palette!

Choose from:
  1. Value scale
  2. Watercolor mixing grid
  3. Watercolor mixing grid with value scale

Popular Watercolor Charts:
  1. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Paint
  2. Winsor and Newton Artists Paint
  3. Winsor and Newton Cotman Paint
  4. Holbein Artists Paint
  5. M Graham Artists Paint
  6. More
Custom watetercolor charts

Watercolor Substitutes

Missing a color? Find a watercolor substitute!

Popular Watercolor Substitute Requests:
  1. Alizarin Crimson
  2. Sepia
  3. Indigo
  4. Cerulean Blue
  5. Quinacridone Gold
  6. Cadmium Orange
  7. Aureolin
  8. Cadmium Yellow
  9. Prussian Blue
  10. Raw Sienna
  11. More

 watetercolor substitues

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